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    The Mad Hatter

    How hard can it be to eke out a goalless draw against a Super Eagles team missing all of their international stars in Europe?

    Bafana Bafana answered that question on Sunday night: For them? VERY!

    If Bafana Bafana can’t hope to beat the Super Eagles at home, with Nigeria missing all their top international stars, bearing in mind that most of our squad is composed of players who play domestically, then it shows just how far we are from being where we need to be.

    For me It was summed up by the fact that Ethiopia, the team that knocked us out of World Cup qualification (But didn’t go to the World Cup after losing to Nigeria in their final qualification match) came stone last in their group.

    I give up. After seeing Bafana defeat World Champions Spain, yet fail to beat weakened Mali and Nigeria teams one has to say it: “Chokers!”

    That word really annoys me, but it seems that every time the stakes are highest the boys in yellow come up short.

    Not only that, but it may be time for Igesund to go, I know that the manager often unfairly cops the flack for the poor performance of the team, but given the  constantly changing nature of Igesund’s team I am not sure even he knows what his best XI is, which I find worrying. At this stage he’s had enough time to impose his philosophy on the team.

    What do you think?


    Sporting Ezzy

    I think we need to be honest and concede where our weaknesses are, – the players in the national setup are not good enough. They lack physical size
    and soccer intelligence. When your opponents defenders are taller than your strikers , do not play the ball in the air as you will not win the ball, you will loose possession of the ball and no opportunity to score will come forth. Soccer 101
    Bring in knowledgeable staff who can speak to players from a players perspective. Bennie might not be the most popular , well rounded( maybe …) person but he has the CV to prove that he is a brilliant striker … knowledge to tap into , you think!
    It would seem if you are taller than 1.7m then you do not make it for the bafana side, coloured players are good enough to sit on the bench and the occasional white player in the pitch will suffice.
    Tshabala having scored a goal in the 2010 worldcup doth not make him a Ronaldo by any stretch of the imagination.



    they’re embarrassment ,if they don’t win such tournaments which one will they win ? cosafa.oh pleeeease



    Its always been disappointment after disappointment so I dont see the big deal .I dont even bother watching bafana bafana .I think the problem lies with safa governing body I doubt if Gordon have anything to do with selection its those meddling ppl high up in the positions .club owners also to be blamed for refusing to release some players .as for Mbalula he is also fed up like me but I dont have his platform to voice my anger but not all of them are bunch of losers but I also think they should at least practise
    A month before not one or 2 weeks before the tournament



    I am in total agreement with Minister Mbalula. Bafana Bafana is playing like a bunch of losers. It will not help to change the name. There is a saying of a rose by any other name still remains a rose. Well the same can be said of losers.

    Discipline is our biggest problem. How many times dio we hear thaqt players didn’t pitch up for training or arrived late. Not much the coach can do about that. maybe it is time to look what we did right in 1996 when we last won a major trophy.



    This is directed to comrade Mbalula because he is decrying symptoms as opposed to the causes for this national disgrace. Lets face it’s now history that w used to be a soccer nation, not anymore.

    You dont need a rocket scientist to tell you what went horrible wrong. I see people lost in trying to determine where did we go wrong.

    Look arround your streets in the townships everywhere in South Africa. You see young people who will do anything to imitate black african americans. They talk like black americans, they dress like black americans, they sing and dance like blacks americans. Sadly black americans which our youth model after are not good in soccer so therefore we cant be good in soccer. Call a dance or music competition and you will see wonder.

    The dance and the music culture modeled after black african americans has taken over.

    Who do we blame today that the sports grounds in the townships are empty. Our youth are busy entertaining themselves elsewhere except in the sports grounds.

    Remember the likes of doctor khumalo were the last youth before the advent of democracy as soccer stars. This rich legacy of soccer as our pride as blacks in South Africa got entrenched during apartheird era because we had no other entertainment except soccer. Remember the 1996 AFCON we won proves that the likes Philip Masinga and Shoes Moeshoe were the youth groomed during the dusty streets of soweto during apartheird.

    When democracy was ushered in we did not protect these legacy instead we exposed our youth to black african americans. Our excuse was that it’s cheaper to import films from overseas and the consequences were to be dire in the longterm. This killed our heritage as blacks. In fact this can happen or happens when you dont leadership that has vision beyond sight.

    So we paying the price for what we did in the 18 years or so. Who cares wether our youth look, act, sing, walk and dance like black americans. Who didn’t protect them from media imperialism.



    I dont believe the comment made about igesund failing to take us to take us to 2014 wc is fair on him. We need to remember that it was pitso’s mandate to take us to the 2014wc n he was failing, igesund was brought in to stem the tide. Which he did, we almost qualified had it not been for the games pitso botched. Lets blame him for things he was solely at fault for, the chan and nations cup

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